Book Bags and School Lockers

How organized were you as the new school year was approaching?  When you were getting ready for the new school year did you think about the principles of organization?

Besides learning geography, mathmatices and other subjects to prepare your children for life, don’t forget to give these future doctors, politicians, policemen and and even professional organizers the tools needed for filing and finding their school work.  Start out by making organizing seem fun by asking your kids if they would like to have more time with their favorite activities.  Begin by organizing toys, sports equipments, even electronic games.  As items are reviewed help your kids make decisions what is not used and just in the way.  Explaining all the time that once these obstacles are out of the way, it will take less time to find what is wanted allowing more time for play.

Now you can help them go from papers stuffed into a backpack to notebooks with categories that make sense to your students.    Once one area is mastered, it will be easy to keep other areas organzied.  School lockers, tests, assignments, special projects and even packed lunches have best results when they are organzied.

When you go shopping for “back to school” let the students make lists of needed items before heading to the store.  There are always find great tools at The Container Store.  But remember, if purchases are really not needed – and end up not being used – they will add to your clutter.

Make this year the first year of a productive lifetime where goals are achieved for your students.

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