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Organizer’s Dream comes to Farmer’s Market
The Container Store
Opens New Location August 9th

ContainerStoreNewWhile professional organizers never encourage buying for the sake of buying, I would like to share some exciting news. For our friends in the west Los Angeles area, if you need innovative, stylish, fun containers for your home or office organizing needs The Container Store is coming your way in the historic Los Angeles Farmer’s Market, adjacent to The Grove.

During the opening weekend, August 9 and 10th, this retail giant will donate 10% of the all that locations sales to Step UP – inspiring women to inspire girls. Since the company began in Dallas in 1978 they not only created the storage and organization category for retail, but have nurtured an employee-first culture along with high level of customer service. It is listed in FORTUNE magazine’s top 100 companies to work for. Many of my colleagues would call the store the Neiman Marcus of containers.

Now about the Farmer’s Market location…
-20,000 square feet of shopping with more than 10,000 mulit-functional and innovative products.
-Products organized in 16 signature lifestyle departments
-Employee knowledge, each full-time sales person receives more than 263 hours of training (part-time employees receive 177 hours) in their first year.

Join the Los Angeles design and organizing industry in welcoming this newest location.

A Family’s Hardest Task


When it comes time to downsize for a move to retirement living or clearing out your parents home for sale – it is hard going through a life of memories. Even a professional organizer realizes the same emotions clients have when it is their parents home that is on the market. Allow me to share how I reviewed my family home, purchased in 1968, and enjoyed for 42 years.

Cabinets full of memories and boxes of pictures and papers; I was the only one left to clear out my parent’s estate. In a comfortable room, I labeled several container with names of family members: Dad’s family, Mom’s family, Brother, Business, Chris, and Aunt.

Family pictures and archives sorted by each member of family.

Family pictures and archives sorted by each member of family.

The sort was quick, and the most important categories have not been mentioned…Give to Others and Recycle. the duplicate pictures and those i just did not care about were passed on. Others would be dealt with later when Mom is gone. By now when she want to see something like pictures of her family, they can be found easily. And later, this “sort” will me editing even more easier when the time comes.

As I was working that night, I discovered 40 or so typed love letters from my Dad to Mom from the end of the war in 1945. What a find and what a surprise. Dad left us the past year, so I placed these in sheet protectors and placed in an attractive binder called “Love Letters from the War”.

If it is precious, make it a keepsake!

If it is precious, make it a keepsake!

During the week, I made quick decisions working on my own. This process is difficult, but working with professionals like myself can comfort and guide you as you empty the family home. It gave me a special appreciation for when my clients are going through. But letting go allows us to move forward and appreciate where we came from as new memories are created in life.

Organize Home Manuals

Binder 1 FPEvery home comes with lots of papers and even manuals. The new Blender, Range, Air Conditioner, and the list goes on. With almost every major purchase in your home comes a manual.

Binder 2 FPWhen we work with clients we create a Home Manual Binder. Using sleeves with pockets and tabs, we organize by areas of the home. In the front of the binder service providers are kept for easy reference.

BINDER 3 FPKeep your binder in your home office or possibly utility room. Where ever you have the room and it is easy to find when the reference manual is needed. And as for karma, when you move the new home owners will really appreciate the binder you hand over to them!

Create Memories for Holiday Gifts

Family History Holiday Gifts

Not sure what to give this holiday?  If the current economic situation is making calls to Santa too expensive, here is an idea for a gift that is priceless.  Create a photo book on line that can become a modern scrapbook.  All you need is photos, a scanner, the ability to point and click and some time.

Many programs are available for free downloads and books can be created ranging from paperbacks to leather bound albums.  Cost range from $15 to $75 per book.  I like  Simple directions and several options for book styles, page layouts and even text can be added.

My colleague Peter Walsh went a step further for online book ideas last week on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Peter suggested taking digital pictures of your kids art work and creating a photo book for the most favorite items.  If parents try to keep every thing from kindergarten on, your children will not learn the importance of decision

Over Thanksgiving spend time reviewing old pictures with family members and get the scoop on your history.  Then make a gift that the entire family can enjoy and keep for generations.