Clutter Awareness Week – March 17


Organize with bins

Tips for Reducing Office Clutter

Does your office stimulate productivity?  No question we get more done in an organized environment.  But how do we get from cluttered to organized in our office?  Try these tips to reduce the clutter in your office:

The Desk

  1. If you are not using items on the desk daily, store them some where else.
  2. Create active file system to get papers off the desk.
  3. Utilize two monitors for your computer to make online work more efficient.
  4. Spend five minutes at the end of each day clearing off your desk.

Work Area

  1. Reduce your equipment by replacing old fax and printers with new all in one systems that also scan.
  2. Copy paper and letterhead should be stored close to printers.
  3. Office supplies are easily accessed in labeled bins.
  4. Keep inventory list in supply area to keep items on hand.
  5. Once a month review supply area and purge items not used.
  6. If boxes are recycled, break them down to save space.

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