De-Cluttering Your Networking Group’s Business Card Box


Every weekday morning, entrepreneurs gather in cities around the world to network and grow their businesses by passing referrals to each other.  Most of these networking groups keep members’ business cards collected in a container to be passed on to colleagues who need their products and services.

You have probably seen these card boxes at BNI (Business Network International), Le Tip, or your chamber of commerce.  Most I have seen are haphazardly arranged, making it difficult to find the services needed.  If this reminds you of your group’s business card box, check out this easy solution.

From the Container Store

The Container Store offers an acrylic Baseball Card Case with adjustable dividers and lid.  Simply cut card stock for your category dividers and label with printed file labels or by using a label maker.  Arrange members’ cards by their professions.  It is easier to think of the services needed than an individual name.  After all, that has worked for the Yellow Pages all these years.

Even if you are not in a formal networking group, you can organize the cards you collect and become a better referral source to your clients.  The results of organization in your networking group will benefit everyone’s bottom line just as your organized closet or desk makes your life easier.

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