Fires, Theft, Earthquakes Make Household Inventories Invaluable

What if you heard fire trucks on your street?  Do you have an accurate inventory of what you have insured should there be a loss due to natural disasters or even theft?  State Farm Insurance suggests that providing the most information possible at the time of a loss is crucial to speedy and accurate claims.


Last week another fire brought fear to Los Angeles’s home owners.  Just after midnight a brush fire broke out near the Getty Museum on October 23.  Due to the quick response of the Fire Department and an aerial attack of the flames, there was no damage to homes amd most important no loss of life.  Would you be prepaired if you had a loss?


Household Inventory’s should include every item of value in your home.  Going room by room and make a list and photograph furniture, art work, window treatments, collections, etc.  This inventory should include the purchase price and the location of were items were purchased.


Keep an extra copy of the inventory away from the home so you are always repaired for quick claims.

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