Food, Glorious Food from a Professional Organizer

IMG_0956 - CopyCelebrity chefs, busy moms, and hungry single executives all have one thing in common when they cook…the need for an organized pantry.  Like any storage area make it an inviting space. Create your own personal market that is organized into food groups.

High shelves can hold decorative trays and other items not often used, creating a focal point. Heavy small appliances and cookware stored lower allows the handy, visible center of pantry for most needed items.

Wicker baskets container food groups and give the open air market feel.  Baking goods kept in clear, labeled containers allow easy inventories to be taken and keep supplies from running out.

thanks 5An important element of an organized pantry, is not to over buy.  When stocking for large events, keep overflow items in the garage.

Mark your calendar to review out of date foods every 6 months.  This will help to maintain your organized pantry.




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