Getting Ready for Move-in Day


Unpacking Boxes

Unpacking Boxes

Before the furniture and boxes arrive measure the rooms in the new home and prepare floor plans. Thoroughly clean the home before moving in.  There is no better time to shampoo carpets and wax floors than while your house is empty.  This is also the time to line cabinets and shelves.  Now that the windows are washed, floors are clean, and the kitchen scrubbed you are ready for the best part!

Designate a place to put the broken down boxes and used packing paper before unpacking begins.  Cover carpeted floors with protection film before the truck is unloaded.  This will protect the areas just cleaned.  Take time to carry boxes to the designated rooms before unpacking begins.

Unpack as many items as space allows before putting things away.  The goal is to get the boxes out of the way.  As boxes are emptied, break them down and get them to the designated area, most likely the garage or patio.  Also, open ALL the packing paper.  The smallest items might be inside what you think is just “filler”.

Unpack your “hot boxes” first.  Then you are sure to have bedding, towels, and toiletry essentials for your first night.  As with any organizing project, delegate tasks to family members and play music to break the monotony of unpacking.  Before you know it, you have a beautiful new home.

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