Gift Giving? Simple Solution to Wrapping Presents with Ease

Do you like the idea of a craft room, but only have inches of space to spare? I love this from our friends at The Container Store. Gift Wrapping Station
When not in use it hangs in the closet and holds everything needed for gift wrapping including scissors, gift cards, bags, rolls of paper, and ribbons. Then any table is quickly converted into a work room as the station stands on its own and holds the paper roll at table height making wrapping a snap.
photo 4
photo 3
If you are like me, there is never enough ribbon. Throughout the year like to pick up all types of ribbon I find in retailers and boutiques. My final tip is to keep extra rolls of ribbon is a container that makes it easy to handle and see the supplies.
photo 1
Like anything else, if you are organized in a task it will save time and make the work more fun. Now wrap it up!

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