Household Manuals

You have the manual for your flat screen, Viking range, and iphone, but do you have a manual for the most important asset? Your home.

The Household Manual should include cleaning requirements for your staff, room directory of appliances, index of the household manuals and list of service providers.

Cleaning – During the week make lists of items overlooked when cleaning. Include these in written procedures for the staff along with special cleaning requests.

Room Directory – Go room to room and list appliances, televisions, computers that would need repair. Include model numbers with the items.

 Organize Manuals – Gather all appliance manuals and purge those no longer owned. Create a simple categories then include an index in your household manual. This will make is easy for others to use.

Service Providers – The last section of your Household Manual should give the numbers of the places to turn when computers, televisions, and other appliances need to be serviced.

Now problems are quickly addressed and solved.


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