Is Your Closet Green?

Environmentally friendly materials are now available for your Get It Together LA! storage system for closets, garages, and home offices.  Recognizing the demand from consumers for “green-build products” we are offering the SkyBlend™ line from Roseburg.

The line is SCS and EPP certified 100% pre-consumer recycled week fiber particleboard that has no Urea Formaldehyde added during the manufacturing process.  Third party testing verifies SkyBlend™ formaldehyde emissions (.00-.01 ppm) are no greater than levels occurring in outdoor ambient air conditions according to the manufacturer.

Roseburg is North America’s largest, fully integrated manufacturer of melamine andspecialty panels with lands and facilites in California, Georgia, Mississippi, Oregon and South Carolina.  Ask for “green” when you build your next closet.

Green Tip:  Remember to return your hangers to the dry cleaner for reuse.  Ask for your clean clothes to be placed in reuseable bags from your dry cleaner and cut out the plastic.

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