Making Time in Your Schedule


"Time Management" Calendar

Great questions came from the audience at the Small Business Seminar I led this week at the West Hollywood Chamber.  One participant asked “what do I do as  I never have time to follow up with committee members who do not reply if they are attending meetings?”   What a great question.  This is something probably most of us experience.

During the “Time Management” portion of the program I shared that using a calendar correctly will help set necessary boundaries on time.  Time is probably the most difficult area for us to organize since we can see or touch it like physical clutter.

As the “follow up” problem occurs before each meeting the answer is to schedule time in your calendar to make the needed calls.  If an appointment is in your calendar, and the calendar is referenced throughout the day, there will be enough time for all the tasks at hand.

If you are not currently using a calendar, check out Franklin Covey for products that will fit your needs.


What were people saying about Chris’ program:
“I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday at the WeHo chamber.  I have already started using some of the techniques with my paperwork and time management.”  -R.H.

“I really enjoyed your presentation and focusing on organization – both mentally and physically.  You motivated me to be more aware about decisions or procrastination regarding new information and records.” -J.B.


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