Man Cave by Chris McKenry

Both sexes will enjoy this custom designed Man Cave near the beach.  It all started with a day working with clients reviewing things long forgotten.  Then after donating, recycling and categorising the organizer/designer got to work.

Get It Together LA! provided a new epoxy floor, custom built-in features including work station, bike storage, sports area, television, refrigerator and wine cooler.  “Zones, like departments in a store, are the first consideration to my designs”, says McKenry.  “Then I can plug in the style to the design to reflect the client.”

Bikes are off the floor and related gear on the shelves beside the bike storage.  Slat walls are features used in many garage project because it is versatile storage and keeps items vertical in tight spaces.

The most exciting thing about this garage is once we finished organizing there is still a cabinet empty for future household supplies.  Now that’s organized!

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