Organizing Gives Time for Holidays or Confessions of a Professional Organizer

treeIt seems strange to say, but I have already decked my halls for Christmas. Considering there have been recent years when I did not decorate some may think I am just catching up. But the truth is this is my first year in my new home. Also since decorating client’s homes for Christmas is part of our services, I have my “work” out of the way and can better enjoy the holidays after hours.

Professional Organizer Decorating Tips for You:

Before starting, if decorations are not organized spend a few minutes sorting like items together. It will make the process go much smoother. Even if you like to have your decorations up 2-3 weeks before Christmas, I urge you to consider a artificial tree. Last year our tree was brown a week before the Merry day. There are great buys online and a pre-lite tree makes the first, and hardest, step completed.
The secret to a stunning tree is fill it up with different dimensions of elements – in size and color. Keeping with a color theme is for the more stylish look, while multi-colors creates a more old fashion tree.

After lights, any draped strands should be placed next. Then add ornaments followed by ribbons or branches of color that can be inserted into the tree. The last element we added were pairs of candles placed throughout the tree branches.

photo 2

07 DSCN1682Mantels, banisters, outside columns are dressed for yuletide with garland. We like to dress up strands of greenery with lights and other desired items such as bunches of berries, ribbons and bows, and even ornaments.

villageChristmas is the time to make memories that will last for holidays to come. My brother and sister-in-law gave me Christmas village ceramic buildings every year. Now that they are gone this village is a wonderful reminder for me of family gatherings past. As you decorate this year, start making traditions that will be with you and your family for years to come.

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