Prepare for Your Move

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A new home is in your future. Moving stirs many emotions; joy, excitement, and being overwhelmed by the work involved. Preparing to move yourself is less stressful with time and planning.

Organize Before Packing – After years in the same home things tend to get out of place. Go room by room and group like items together. Are vases stored in several closets? Donate what is no longer wanted.

Packing Materials – Used boxes will save money, but it is best to invest in new packing paper. Never use newspaper as the ink can get on dishes, china and crystal. If it does, the ink will not come off! A roll of red “Fragile” labels is also a smart buy.

Label Boxes – White 2″x4″ labels will make it easier to see what room the box is intended and what the contents are. It is also helpful to pre-print labels with the destination address just incase the mover misplaces a box.

List Contents – Especially when taking a couple of weeks to pack, if the contents of each box is clearly listed it is much easier to find an item if needed.

Hot Box – Mark a “Hot Box” with red ink. This box should have essentials such as toilet paper, soap, paper towels, set of sheets and towels for the first night. Carry this box in your car.

Create Inventory – Create an inventory that includes the box, destination room, contents and box size for easy reference. Begin this on the first day of packing and add to it each day.


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