Professional Organizer Organizes Pet Needs

This professional organizer loves to come home to his pet, Katie. And we enjoy more time with her by having all her needs organized.

When you first house break your pet it helps to keep a schedule of her 1’s and 2’s. This will help be sure no surprises happen in the house. All pet needs should be kept together – food, treats, extra bags for walks, and the travel bag.

This is Katie

This is Katie

Those quick trips to the dog park are easy as this professional organizer keeps towels, treats, copy of license, and portable water bowl in a handy travel bag. And just like kids, pups will not clutter up the house if they only have one or two toys to play with at a time.

Now I am off to walk Katie, did I mention the leash is always by the door? Give your dog a big hug for me!

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