Senior Downsizing with Experience

It was one year ago my family home was sold and I was emptying it for the estate sale. It was an educational experience for a 12 year organizing professional.  It was time for my family to downsize the home I grew up in and my parents lived for 43 years.  Now I truly understood the anguish clients go through as they let go of items they have loved for years, hold special memories, but no longer use. 
During my process I knew it was just stuff, but all the memories… when my parents bought a grand piano I practiced on for church and college.  The furniture in the recreation room that 35 years ago friends form high school and church came hung out I looked at for the last time.
Moving my own parents into assisted living, this Senior Downsizing Organizer knows the value of family members being safe and having a new full life. The need to have 500 square feet feel like the 5,ooo square feet that your parents lived in for 50 years.
The house has been sold for a year and is getting new life by new owners. After a year, mom has been given a new life and all goes on. Senior downsizing does not take away memories, just the stuff that can get in the way of life!

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