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The Cost of Clutter
Clutter Awareness Week 2017

Every year at this time Clutter Awareness Week reminds us that life can be better.  Better without all the things in our way.  Better without things holding us back.  Better without CLUTTER!

But what are all these unused, not needed, piles costing us.  There is the emotional weight of not finding what’s important because of the indecision of letting go.  Also, it is important to consider the monetary expense we have in keeping clutter our homes.  

By dividing the cost of your home by the square footage, we come up with a cost per foot of space in the home.  Should that be $95 per sq foot and the garage is full, hundreds of dollars are wasted in the home.

Procrastination and clutter often go together.  This week is the time to get  a jump on “Spring Cleaning/Organizing” and start attacking that clutter.  Stop paying for keeping the unwanted past and make room for your desired future.

Making Room for 2017

Every year we make resolutions to make more time for family, business, and ourselves.  Each year we promise we will get more organized in the new year.  This is why January is National Get Organized Month.

Happily, I am ahead of the game.  For the first time, I took all Christmas decorations down within days of Christmas.  Yesterday, I created my 2017 file folders.  That never takes too long, but in the past I have always procrastinated until well after first of the year.

It is amazing how much better I feel; prepared for a successful 2017!  It really is true, getting rid of excess makes room for future.  Not just in physical space, but in your mind as well.  The tree is down, and makes my home seem bigger.  Files for 2016 are boxed and ready for storage and new files ready for action.  

Next week is busy with clients, but I am ready for busy year and look forward to more time for myself. If you are ready for a change in 2017, don’t wait.  Start meeting your goals today.


Diary of a Move
from city to village

Long time clients recently moved to the east end of Long Island.  In her blog, MyFoodVoice.me, Louise shares the story of their transition and gives insightful lessons for letting go.  She relates the difficulty of moving across country and the weight possessions have when holding onto things only because of the memories they carry.

Louise loves cooking and has become a talented knitter and needlepoint artist.  Her husband is an avid gardener, grill master and enjoys his well organized garage.  They truly understand the benefits of an organized life.

IMG_2389Our paths first crossed in 2007 when interior designer Connie McCreight contacted me to assist with the organizing needs related to their Los Angeles home remodel.  Since then, my team has enjoyed working on the first move to their second vacation home, then later when they decided to make the east coast their permanent home.  Along the way, we have helped with other projects including decorating for Christmas.

I left LA for Knoxville just before the move was to start, but colleagues John Trosko and Ros Lakomy took over the California end of the final move.  When I joined the team for the unpack in New York, it was a “working” reunion for clients, organizers and designers.

After reading “The Art of Moving – Letting Go and Embracing Change” check out the rest of the blog for delicious recipes and tips for food buying and entertaining.  I did mention she is a talented cook?

Thank you for sharing your story Louise.  Many will benefit from your moving experience.


Knoxville’s Professional Organizer
for Your Well-Kept Spaces

Well-Kept Spaces comes to Knoxville with 15 years experience organizing homes and being a leader in the professional organizing industry.  While in Los Angeles Chris McKenry was president of the LA chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). During that time he created the Los Angeles Organizing Awards and served on the national board of NAPO.Featured imageNow we are thrilled to return to Knoxville with a new name and a new sister business, Closets by McKenry – for custom closet & garage design.  Recently we work with a client of Interior Designer Todd Richesin.  The beautiful new home was nearing completion and Todd turned to Well-Kept Spaces to unpack and organize the new home for the family.  We even helped plan this beautiful play area for the kids.  Notice the cut-out containers in the desk top for crayons and even the seats are storage bins.




Professional organizers never forget labels.  When using beautiful baskets, gift tags can help identify contents in the gift wrap closet.

To see our “brag book”, as one client called it, click here.  It might give you an idea for your Well-Kept Spaces.

New LA Container Store Opens TODAY at Farmer’s Market

My friends at The Container Store gave a sneak preview Thursday and now everyone can see and shop! And 10 % of all sales this weekend goes to Step UP.
photo 1

photo 1a

photo 2

photo 2a

photo 3a

photo 4

photo 4a

photo 5

photo 5a


Audrey Robertson, vice president, gave an exciting tour to bloggers, then that evening I shared a moment with two of my favoriate colleagues, Standolyn Robertson – past president of NAPO and Jodie Watson of Supreme Organization.

Now open, the newest Container Store is ready for Los Angeles’ organized – and unorganized – shoppers. See you at the Farmer’s Market!

HGTV’s Closet Planning Guide

Recently I was interviewed as an organizing and closet design expert by Jennie Matteucci for an article in HGTV.com.  As we start a New Year this is the perfect time to clear the clutter from our past and make room for an organized 2012.

Check out the article links below and if you need help getting organzied around your home, give us a call.

Closet Planning Guide Intro:

5 Steps To Organizing Your Closet:


Creating A Closet That Fits Your Needs:


Styles of closets:


Save time this coming year by only having what you want and use.  Get It Together LA! can make your home peaceful, clam, and organzied.

Helping Parents to Live Safer at Home

Today’s elder population is made up of our parents, grandparents; even brothers, sisters and good friends.  People we love and care about.  It is so easy to see what needs to be done to help mom and dad out.  But do you like to be “told” what to do?  Imagine being told that items stacked in your living room are in the way, dangerous, and need to go.  These are things that have help memories of your children, when you were married, career awards, school pictures or other milestones.

According to statistics from the National Association of Professional Organizers, the AGS Foundation states that “among older adults living independently, about 75% of falls occur at home.  ‘Fall hazards’ in seniors’ homes cause as many as two-thirds of these falls.”  Eliminating hazards completely is the most affective for making seniors more safe while living at home.

How does this happen?  Put yourself in your parents shoes.  What if you knew changes needed to be made around the house but you did not have the strength or the mental ability to make them happen?

Condiment container works well for Diabetes needs

Aging in Place
 is the term used by today’s elder service providers to make assessments in homes and create more functional and convenient conditions for the resident.  This allows our loved ones to be more independent and keep them in their homes and not need a move to assisted living.

Be pro-active.  Ask your parents if they have thoughts of what changes might be best for them.  Place the decision to make a change with them.  And the best tip of all, don’t wait until health issues are severe or they are not themselves.  Begin with small steps to help them clear clutter around the home.
Set up convenient stations for medicines, check to see if extension or phone cords are where a parent might trip. Help to set up lists to help remember when medicines are to be taken and doctor visits occur.

Consider bring in a professional organizer that specializes in the elder population to help.  It is often easier to have a third-party involved than a son or daughter helping mom or dad.  Today’s organizers work with compassion and know when to comfort while working to meet a goal.

When thinking about the legacy we are leaving, a cluttered home is usually not meant to be part of the inheritance left behind.  And most of our parents feel the same way, they are just unsure of how to proceed.

Is Your Closet Green?

Environmentally friendly materials are now available for your Get It Together LA! storage system for closets, garages, and home offices.  Recognizing the demand from consumers for “green-build products” we are offering the SkyBlend™ line from Roseburg.

The line is SCS and EPP certified 100% pre-consumer recycled week fiber particleboard that has no Urea Formaldehyde added during the manufacturing process.  Third party testing verifies SkyBlend™ formaldehyde emissions (.00-.01 ppm) are no greater than levels occurring in outdoor ambient air conditions according to the manufacturer.

Roseburg is North America’s largest, fully integrated manufacturer of melamine andspecialty panels with lands and facilites in California, Georgia, Mississippi, Oregon and South Carolina.  Ask for “green” when you build your next closet.

Green Tip:  Remember to return your hangers to the dry cleaner for reuse.  Ask for your clean clothes to be placed in reuseable bags from your dry cleaner and cut out the plastic.

The Easter Bunny, Clutter and Organizers

Easter Sewing Basket

Easter Sewing Basket

I barely remember waking up on Easter morning and rushing to see the great basket of treats left by that annual unseen rabbit.  It would be filled with yummy chocolate bunnies, Malamar Bars, marshmallow treats, and jelly beans.  Not a thing was wasted.

This week a friend said he had a craving for a Easter basket.  So yesterday while walking home from The Grove I stopped in K-Mart to up pick one.  I know it has been…well lots of years since I have been on the receiving end from the Easter Bunny but of all the hundreds of baskets the store had were definitely different from what I remembered.  Instead of sweet treats and yummy candy every basket had plastic toys that would certainly become clutter and unwanted by later in the day.

For about the same amount of money of the pre-packaged baskets I purchased quality candies, colored grass stuffing, baskets and stuffed rabbits were available to create a custom basket.   For a hostess gift I even filled grass stuffing and chocolates in a sewing basket to take to a dinner party this evening.

The commentary to all this is any event, holiday, or gift is what you make it.  As an organizing expert helping my clients keep clutter at bay it is evident that habits start at an early age.  So even those gifts your children receive can start traits that are not seen for years to come.  Don’t just spend to buy something.  Have a clear goal when you go shopping.  If something doesn’t look like what you are looking for, don’t settle.  Keep looking or make the gift yourself.  And by the way, my friend loved what the Easter Bunny brought him!

Turn Clutter into Cash

They are everywhere.  Advertisements asking, “Do you have too much stuff?”  The solution, the ads say, is to rent a storage unit.  During times like these do you want the extra expense for things that have not been used in months or even years?


Random Assortment of Clutter

Empty those storage units and make some money.  Plan a garage sale or try selling items online.  When pricing remember not to ask retail.  If you want something to sell, offer a deal.  Do some homework and search eBay for comparable pricing.  Not only will you generate cash, but when you free your space you clear your mind.