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Finding New Uses for Storage

An antique pie safe, a family heirloom, once cooled great-grandma's pies.

An antique pie safe, a family heirloom, once cooled great-grandma’s pies.

Now serves as china storage in Tennessee condo.

Now serves as china storage in Tennessee condo.

Urban small spaces and even suburban larger homes, often need to find unique storage solutions. At this vacation condo, we kept family history and give it new life. With no room for more cabinets or china display, we used this unique pie safe that was used by client’s great grandmother as early at 1890 to cool delicious deserts. Seems only natural that a piece of furniture that once kept foods the family devoured, now holds the most treasured china that is used for special occasions.

Think outside the box for your storage needs.

A Different Look for Today’s Condo Hall Closet Design

web hall closet 2Luxury condos may have big style but sometimes space is limited. That is where a closet designer who has over a decade of professional organizing experience will create new ideas for your storage needs.

A hall closet design isn’t just for coats anymore…especially in Los Angeles. Here we created custom storage for the kitchen pantry on one side and the other is for the home office supplies and work samples. web office supply storageNow the kitchen, which is across the hall, has become larger for culinary needs and the dry foods have more space.

web Dog supplies 1Dog supplies have their own section and containerize for easy access. Entertainment needs that are infrequently used now are safely stashed ready for the next party.

web entertainment storage

Compartments are designed for the vacuum and ironing board. The custom closet may be utilitarian, it also meets the need for stylish organizing as materials used match the finish of the cabinetry in the rest of the home.

Get It Together LA! is has received Best Closet Design in the Los Angeles Organizing Awards. Are you ready to Make Your Life Easier?

NOTE: All images in this blog are used with client’s permission.

Pantry Planning for the Culinary Hobbyist

 What do you desire for your new pantry?

  • food storage
  • an oasis to enhance your culinary skills
  • a place for extra cooking utensils

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This project was designed as an old fashion, yet elegant, pantry.  In consulting with the interior designer wicker baskets, once used for vegetable storage, are now used for bagged chips and snacks.  The wrap around pantry features glass inserted into wood shelves which give more light.  One lower corner features a rotating Lazy Suzan for easy access to the rear.

Organize food by categories.  Modular POP Canisters from The Container Store keep baking items and pastas fresh and make it easy to see when supplies are low.  Quattro Stagioni Jars  provide the “old fashion” look for nuts, candies, and beans.

Your pantry can have a complete new look by cleaning out all unused and out of date food.  Keep most needed items at eye level.  New containers will not only provide a “fresh” look, but keep foods fresh for your family.

Bon Appetit