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Elements for an Organized Closet

Sure there are basic things every closet should have…uniform hangers are the first to come to mind.  But there are other elements that will keep clutter under control.


Belt Hooks – placed on end panel or side of closet

Tie Rack – on an open wall space (ties sorted by color)


Waste Basket and Laundry Hamper – will keep dirty laundry together and give place for waste from pockets at end of the day

Velvet Lined Jewelry Drawers – necklaces can get tangled in a box and other jewelry is quick to find when organized

Valet Rods – allows the next days wardrobe to be prepared early


Many times these elements can be added to an existing closet.  If not, the principles discussed can still be included when organizing your space.  Getting organized is not about “things” as it is the way we think.

Keep your clutter under control and your closet can be your favorite boutique.

note:  this closet was organized by Knoxville organizing firm Well-Kept Spaces and designed by east Tennessee’s Closets by McKenry.

Two Master Closets Given New Custom Design and Purpose by Professional Organizer

A recent professional organizing project found a client with one small and one larger walk-in closet. Both, off the master bedroom, were over following and no room for shoes and purses. The smaller closet was narrow and hanging clothes made it impossible to walk into and reach what was needed.


Custom Designed Shoe and Purse Closet

We dedicated the smaller closet for just shoes, purses, and accessories. Drawers for jewelry were added on one wall. Without the depth of hanging clothes, this smaller closet has room to walk into and see everything inside. Backing was even added to end of the closet where the belts are hanging, giving a finished touch.

Wardrobe and Hats

The larger closet was custom designed with adjustable rods and shelves so storage is versatile as needs change. More space was given for hanging clothes with double hang. Now the client has more hanging space than before and room for all other items in her closet. When designing and organizing your spaces, create departments for your possessions. Now you can shop every morning and find your favorite things.

Elegant Custom Closets Designed for Any Size

Reach In Closet

Reach In Closet

Your wardrobe can still be in a beautiful space even if there is not as much room as a walk-in closet. When I design a closet I like to take into consideration the other cabinetry in the room or nearby area. In this condo, we matched the existing finishes in the Master Bath and this reach in closet is custom designed to get the shoes off the floor. The shelves hold 30 pair of shoes, hats bedding and towels for the adjoining bath. By double hanging the “short hang items” there is as much room as if we kept a single rod in the closet and still had room for 30″ of long hang items. And there is still room for a laundry hamper for worn clothes. Notice the difference using the same hangers makes for the overall look of the space.

Wardrobe Walk-in Luxury

If there is room for converting an extra room house your wardrobe the possibilities are endless for your custom designed closet. Center islands hold personal folded garments and framed glass doors could showcase purses or sweaters.
Shelves for shoes...

With room, shoes can be organized by heel size, color, and type of wear. Islands are also a great place to “hide” hampers and give a place for personal decorative items.

Don’t you deserve luxury? And I didn’t even mention how much easier your day starts with an organized wardrobe! We can also provide you with an environmentally friendly closet made from “green” materials.

Get It Together LA!

Is Your Closet Green?

Environmentally friendly materials are now available for your Get It Together LA! storage system for closets, garages, and home offices.  Recognizing the demand from consumers for “green-build products” we are offering the SkyBlend™ line from Roseburg.

The line is SCS and EPP certified 100% pre-consumer recycled week fiber particleboard that has no Urea Formaldehyde added during the manufacturing process.  Third party testing verifies SkyBlend™ formaldehyde emissions (.00-.01 ppm) are no greater than levels occurring in outdoor ambient air conditions according to the manufacturer.

Roseburg is North America’s largest, fully integrated manufacturer of melamine andspecialty panels with lands and facilites in California, Georgia, Mississippi, Oregon and South Carolina.  Ask for “green” when you build your next closet.

Green Tip:  Remember to return your hangers to the dry cleaner for reuse.  Ask for your clean clothes to be placed in reuseable bags from your dry cleaner and cut out the plastic.

Friday Night Dine with the Famous and Organized

Hal Sparks

Hal Sparks

If you are in Los Angeles this Friday, January 30, why don’t you join Hal Sparks of “Queer As Folk” and Christopher Knight of “The Brady Bunch” and “My Fair Brady”  at the 2009 Los Angeles Organizing Awards?  Also appearing will be organizing celebrities Sam Saboura, Gia Russo, and Jodie Watson all of “Real Simple. Real Life”, Dorothy Breininger of “Dr. Phil Show”, Linda Koopersmith of “Clean House” and Monica Ricci of “Mission: Organization”.

Los Angeles Organizing Awards

Los Angeles Organizing Awards

The entertainment industry is not the only group walking down the red carpet during the Hollywood Awards’ season.  You are invited to join professional organizers from across the county at the gala that “made organizing sheek” according to Oprah’s Peter Walsh.

Chris McKenry, Immediate Past President of NAPO-LA will also be on the program that evening and  Get It Togethter LA! is a finalist in the Best Closet Design category.  In 2007, Get It Together LA! took home that honor.

The Office Depot, Presenting Sponsor of the event, will have a drawing for a $500 shopping spree.  The event is produced by the National Association of Professional Organizers, Los Angeles chapter and with production support by the Dave Linden Group.

Share the glamor of Hollywood, the culinary delights of the Luxe Hotel in Bel Air, and excitement of the 4th Annual Los Angeles Organizing Awards.  REGISTER NOW at napola.org.