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Diary of a Move
from city to village

Long time clients recently moved to the east end of Long Island.  In her blog, MyFoodVoice.me, Louise shares the story of their transition and gives insightful lessons for letting go.  She relates the difficulty of moving across country and the weight possessions have when holding onto things only because of the memories they carry.

Louise loves cooking and has become a talented knitter and needlepoint artist.  Her husband is an avid gardener, grill master and enjoys his well organized garage.  They truly understand the benefits of an organized life.

IMG_2389Our paths first crossed in 2007 when interior designer Connie McCreight contacted me to assist with the organizing needs related to their Los Angeles home remodel.  Since then, my team has enjoyed working on the first move to their second vacation home, then later when they decided to make the east coast their permanent home.  Along the way, we have helped with other projects including decorating for Christmas.

I left LA for Knoxville just before the move was to start, but colleagues John Trosko and Ros Lakomy took over the California end of the final move.  When I joined the team for the unpack in New York, it was a “working” reunion for clients, organizers and designers.

After reading “The Art of Moving – Letting Go and Embracing Change” check out the rest of the blog for delicious recipes and tips for food buying and entertaining.  I did mention she is a talented cook?

Thank you for sharing your story Louise.  Many will benefit from your moving experience.


The Kid’s Playroom

Organized Toys in Shelves

Santa is bringing more toys soon, so now is the time to be sure there will be plenty of room.  So let’s organized the play room. 

When sharing with brothers and sisters set up zones in the room so each child has their own space.  In this play room the son has white shelves from The Container Store for his toys and books.

Sister's Toys Have Their Own Home

His sister has green shelves on the other side of the room for her dolls, toys, and library.  The play table in the center is where they create crafts and enjoying playtime together.


Let your kids get involved in the editing process.  Many times children get excited to know that their toys will be enjoyed by those less fortunate when donating to Goodwill or National Council of Jewish Women in Los Angeles.  If the kids are too young, use gentle judgement when the little ones are way and let go of the toys that are not being used.  This allows more room for the ones that are special and makes it easier for the kids to play with their favoriates.

And a great final tip for the holidays; Christmas morning ask the kids to let go of one toy to give more room for all the presents under the tree.  It is a great way to teach organizing skill to last for years to come!