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Cocktail Parties –
Organized, Free of Clutter, Fun for Host

Big Entertaining in Small Spaces

Cocktail party food 2

Even a small galley kitchen doesn’t have to restrict the size and ease of entertaining.  By thinking ahead and being organized your party will be fun and easy. Plan your menu to include simple items that are prepared in advance or purchased ready to serve.

Table scaping  doesn’t need to be extravagant to give style and flair to your party.  Small bud vases with roses from the neighborhood grocery with contrasting color flowers in the center will draw attention to the hors d’oeuvres prepared for the evening.



cocktail party food 1Remove chairs from the side of the dining table that faces the guests. this makes it easier to get to the food. Organized refills before company arrives in the refrigerator and pantry so it is quick and simple to replenish serving plates as they empty.

Once guests arrive, place the second round of food to be warmed in the oven.  And be sure to trash or hide any containers so your guests will think you have been cooking all day.  It’s our secret!



cocktail party drinks

Set up drinks at the end of the kitchen nearest the dining area.  Make your guest feel at home and ask them to help themselves to their favorite dring.  This allows them to feel welcomed and allows you to enjoy your event.  Bag ice from your ice maker several days ahead and leave in freezer.  All needed throughout the evening is grabbing Ziplock, prepared ice for the bar.

Now see how easy a gathering of friends can be.  Make your quest list, plan a simple menu and set a date.  Let us know how it goes.

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Finding New Uses for Storage

An antique pie safe, a family heirloom, once cooled great-grandma's pies.

An antique pie safe, a family heirloom, once cooled great-grandma’s pies.

Now serves as china storage in Tennessee condo.

Now serves as china storage in Tennessee condo.

Urban small spaces and even suburban larger homes, often need to find unique storage solutions. At this vacation condo, we kept family history and give it new life. With no room for more cabinets or china display, we used this unique pie safe that was used by client’s great grandmother as early at 1890 to cool delicious deserts. Seems only natural that a piece of furniture that once kept foods the family devoured, now holds the most treasured china that is used for special occasions.

Think outside the box for your storage needs.

A Different Look for Today’s Condo Hall Closet Design

web hall closet 2Luxury condos may have big style but sometimes space is limited. That is where a closet designer who has over a decade of professional organizing experience will create new ideas for your storage needs.

A hall closet design isn’t just for coats anymore…especially in Los Angeles. Here we created custom storage for the kitchen pantry on one side and the other is for the home office supplies and work samples. web office supply storageNow the kitchen, which is across the hall, has become larger for culinary needs and the dry foods have more space.

web Dog supplies 1Dog supplies have their own section and containerize for easy access. Entertainment needs that are infrequently used now are safely stashed ready for the next party.

web entertainment storage

Compartments are designed for the vacuum and ironing board. The custom closet may be utilitarian, it also meets the need for stylish organizing as materials used match the finish of the cabinetry in the rest of the home.

Get It Together LA! is has received Best Closet Design in the Los Angeles Organizing Awards. Are you ready to Make Your Life Easier?

NOTE: All images in this blog are used with client’s permission.

The Easter Bunny, Clutter and Organizers

Easter Sewing Basket

Easter Sewing Basket

I barely remember waking up on Easter morning and rushing to see the great basket of treats left by that annual unseen rabbit.  It would be filled with yummy chocolate bunnies, Malamar Bars, marshmallow treats, and jelly beans.  Not a thing was wasted.

This week a friend said he had a craving for a Easter basket.  So yesterday while walking home from The Grove I stopped in K-Mart to up pick one.  I know it has been…well lots of years since I have been on the receiving end from the Easter Bunny but of all the hundreds of baskets the store had were definitely different from what I remembered.  Instead of sweet treats and yummy candy every basket had plastic toys that would certainly become clutter and unwanted by later in the day.

For about the same amount of money of the pre-packaged baskets I purchased quality candies, colored grass stuffing, baskets and stuffed rabbits were available to create a custom basket.   For a hostess gift I even filled grass stuffing and chocolates in a sewing basket to take to a dinner party this evening.

The commentary to all this is any event, holiday, or gift is what you make it.  As an organizing expert helping my clients keep clutter at bay it is evident that habits start at an early age.  So even those gifts your children receive can start traits that are not seen for years to come.  Don’t just spend to buy something.  Have a clear goal when you go shopping.  If something doesn’t look like what you are looking for, don’t settle.  Keep looking or make the gift yourself.  And by the way, my friend loved what the Easter Bunny brought him!

Silver Closets

silverware storage

Keeping Silverware

All the silver is now unpacked and polished, but how can the shine stay and not get tarnished?  Protect these pieces and keep them handy in a silver closet.

Keep the sparkle on your sterling by using proper storage techniques and materials for your sliver.

Silver will resist tarnish when special treated silver cloth is used in custom organizers.