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Elegant Custom Closets Designed for Any Size

Reach In Closet

Reach In Closet

Your wardrobe can still be in a beautiful space even if there is not as much room as a walk-in closet. When I design a closet I like to take into consideration the other cabinetry in the room or nearby area. In this condo, we matched the existing finishes in the Master Bath and this reach in closet is custom designed to get the shoes off the floor. The shelves hold 30 pair of shoes, hats bedding and towels for the adjoining bath. By double hanging the “short hang items” there is as much room as if we kept a single rod in the closet and still had room for 30″ of long hang items. And there is still room for a laundry hamper for worn clothes. Notice the difference using the same hangers makes for the overall look of the space.

Wardrobe Walk-in Luxury

If there is room for converting an extra room house your wardrobe the possibilities are endless for your custom designed closet. Center islands hold personal folded garments and framed glass doors could showcase purses or sweaters.
Shelves for shoes...

With room, shoes can be organized by heel size, color, and type of wear. Islands are also a great place to “hide” hampers and give a place for personal decorative items.

Don’t you deserve luxury? And I didn’t even mention how much easier your day starts with an organized wardrobe! We can also provide you with an environmentally friendly closet made from “green” materials.

Get It Together LA!

Wondered what a Move Manager could do for you?

See everything Get It Together LA! does for clients moving into a new home by checking out this short video. We help cut the clutter in the old place so nothing is moved that you will never need again. Provide new closets and garage design services so when moving day comes there is a place for everything to go.

Hiring the mover is always difficult, but we interview movers to help you decide which one is best for your needs. Then after packing, this move manager really shines by getting your home unpacked and organized to reflect how your family lives. Kitchens and pantries organized to be the heart of the home, wardrobes made to make dressing quick and easy.

Get It Together LA! discovers new innovative ways to organize spaces to make your life easier. Hope you enjoy the video and it inspires you to spend some time organizing today.

Man Cave by Chris McKenry

Both sexes will enjoy this custom designed Man Cave near the beach.  It all started with a day working with clients reviewing things long forgotten.  Then after donating, recycling and categorising the organizer/designer got to work.

Get It Together LA! provided a new epoxy floor, custom built-in features including work station, bike storage, sports area, television, refrigerator and wine cooler.  “Zones, like departments in a store, are the first consideration to my designs”, says McKenry.  “Then I can plug in the style to the design to reflect the client.”

Bikes are off the floor and related gear on the shelves beside the bike storage.  Slat walls are features used in many garage project because it is versatile storage and keeps items vertical in tight spaces.

The most exciting thing about this garage is once we finished organizing there is still a cabinet empty for future household supplies.  Now that’s organized!

Designing New Garage with Car in Mind


Organize Your Garage

Before you move into your new home, check out the garage.  Design your “car closet” so you can get into the car without the door hitting the the side of the garage.  How is this done and still have storage?  Slatwalls.

Slatwalls allow vertical storage right against the walls.  Organize.com offers many hooks from Schulte that hold tools, sports equipment, and gardening supplies.  These fit on 3″ centers.

Cabinets placed to either side of your vertical storage can contain those items you want out of sight.  Now get out of the car without worries.