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Does Your Home Need Calm? Try a Residential Organizer

IMG_0912Things are chaotic around the house and just not sure why; and what to do. Many are productive in their professional life, but when arriving home thing are in disarray. Kids have toys everywhere and food never seems to be on the table.
When working with clients, without judgments, client’s lifestyles are used to help set goals and teach how to manage not only space but the people living there. It is not always about the stuff, but the decisions made along the way. Residential organizing connects all the areas of the home and how the members of the house work together. It is not as hard as some may think. It just requires an outside prospective.
For kids spaces are discovered where children want to reach. In the kitchen the residential organizer works according to goals – gourmet or necessity, style or only function.
If you have used an organizer, remember about follow-up. After investing in the initial work, in a few hours can make a big difference both in the space and with the clients. If a car runs better after a tune up, our bodies feel better and last longer after the Doc’s checkup, and professionals are more motivated and inspired from refresher courses – why wouldn’t your home and family have renew vigor from a Residential Organizing checkup?
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note: all images used with clients permission

A Home Office Closet


Neat and Tidy Reach in Closet

A reach in closet will have more room if all the wall space is utilized.  Home office closets may have several uses.  Extra coats, office supplies, family photographs, and shredder just don’t work in a closet with one rod and shelf.

Once you identify your needs, a good closet designer and make your “prime real estate” work for you.  Cubbies for paper supplies, adjustable shelves get things in sight.  If over-sized times are stored, have a “home” designed for easy access.  For example, extra table leafs for the dining room table are now easy to reach.

Even if your system is melamine, choose a finish you like.  There are many options other than white.  Fun containers, like these form The Container Store,  will finish off your project and make working at home more fun and productive.

This closet was designed by Get It Together LA!

Organize Your Home Office for the New Year

bala-filesIt’s a new year and time for a fresh start.  Before the 2009 clutter begins piling up get your expense files set up.  This is the perfect time to start an organized system for your paper so filing taxes at the end of the year will be easy.

For the typical home, keep categories broad and only keep the receipts for items to be deducted.  “Credit Cards 09”, “Medical 09”, “Mortgage/Rent 09” , and “Utilities 09” are possibly needed files.  Use MS Word to create labels for files and save the document.  Then next year all that is necessary is reprinting and changing the year.  Also create files for bank reconciliations.

Remove all of the 2008 expenses from your desk, prepare your taxes, then move records to your archive storage.  This may be your basement, garage, or back of closet.  Check with your tax preparer to see how long you need to keep your tax records.  Typically, seven years is all that is required by the IRS.  Now your “prime real estate” is available and clutter free.

Instead of the overstuffed shoe box, use small-13 compartment-check wallets for keeping your receipts forpetty-cashcredit cards or petty cash.  These come with labels for alphabetical or monthly divisions.  Again only keep the receipts that you will deduct from your taxes.

Get out NOW to The Container Store or your favorite office supply store and you will be ready for filing your 2009 taxes this time next year.