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Contain and Label

It sounds so simple and easy, keep things together and where they are most convenient for use.  Often though our treasures are spread throughout the house.  Using containers that are the same size help maximize space.  Then the most important step is labeling the contents. Organized storage in basements, garages and attics will save you time and help you enjoy the activities they represent.

Organize Home Manuals

Binder 1 FPEvery home comes with lots of papers and even manuals. The new Blender, Range, Air Conditioner, and the list goes on. With almost every major purchase in your home comes a manual.

Binder 2 FPWhen we work with clients we create a Home Manual Binder. Using sleeves with pockets and tabs, we organize by areas of the home. In the front of the binder service providers are kept for easy reference.

BINDER 3 FPKeep your binder in your home office or possibly utility room. Where ever you have the room and it is easy to find when the reference manual is needed. And as for karma, when you move the new home owners will really appreciate the binder you hand over to them!