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Wondered what a Move Manager could do for you?

See everything Get It Together LA! does for clients moving into a new home by checking out this short video. We help cut the clutter in the old place so nothing is moved that you will never need again. Provide new closets and garage design services so when moving day comes there is a place for everything to go.

Hiring the mover is always difficult, but we interview movers to help you decide which one is best for your needs. Then after packing, this move manager really shines by getting your home unpacked and organized to reflect how your family lives. Kitchens and pantries organized to be the heart of the home, wardrobes made to make dressing quick and easy.

Get It Together LA! discovers new innovative ways to organize spaces to make your life easier. Hope you enjoy the video and it inspires you to spend some time organizing today.

Senior Downsizing with Experience

It was one year ago my family home was sold and I was emptying it for the estate sale. It was an educational experience for a 12 year organizing professional.  It was time for my family to downsize the home I grew up in and my parents lived for 43 years.  Now I truly understood the anguish clients go through as they let go of items they have loved for years, hold special memories, but no longer use. 
During my process I knew it was just stuff, but all the memories… when my parents bought a grand piano I practiced on for church and college.  The furniture in the recreation room that 35 years ago friends form high school and church came hung out I looked at for the last time.
Moving my own parents into assisted living, this Senior Downsizing Organizer knows the value of family members being safe and having a new full life. The need to have 500 square feet feel like the 5,ooo square feet that your parents lived in for 50 years.
The house has been sold for a year and is getting new life by new owners. After a year, mom has been given a new life and all goes on. Senior downsizing does not take away memories, just the stuff that can get in the way of life!

First Impressions: Important for Staging

staging a beautiful move

Make the entry pop with color

You may have a valuable property, but do buyers want it upon the first look?  All it takes is chipped paint or an empty porch to give an impression that cannot be improved no matter what is inside.

Keep the outdoor “clutter” away just as you would inside.   Touch up areas needing painting and clean furniture.  Make use of plants for added “pop of color” and replace old, worn cushions.

If planting beds are overgrown, replace with mulch and easy to maintain ground cover.  Have gardens at their peak during beautiful summer months.  It does not take much to have your property the most desirable in the area.