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Knoxville’s Professional Organizer
for Your Well-Kept Spaces

Well-Kept Spaces comes to Knoxville with 15 years experience organizing homes and being a leader in the professional organizing industry.  While in Los Angeles Chris McKenry was president of the LA chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). During that time he created the Los Angeles Organizing Awards and served on the national board of NAPO.Featured imageNow we are thrilled to return to Knoxville with a new name and a new sister business, Closets by McKenry – for custom closet & garage design.  Recently we work with a client of Interior Designer Todd Richesin.  The beautiful new home was nearing completion and Todd turned to Well-Kept Spaces to unpack and organize the new home for the family.  We even helped plan this beautiful play area for the kids.  Notice the cut-out containers in the desk top for crayons and even the seats are storage bins.




Professional organizers never forget labels.  When using beautiful baskets, gift tags can help identify contents in the gift wrap closet.

To see our “brag book”, as one client called it, click here.  It might give you an idea for your Well-Kept Spaces.

Staging, DeCluttering, Makes Quick Sell above Market Price

Due to a family death, a client had one week to prepare a Tennessee home for Open House and Auction.  Quick decisions allowed us to clear out all the personal items in the home-photographs of family, trophies, awards.  Furniture was removed from every room allowing each area to seem larger.  Dated window treatments were either replaced with inexpensive blinds or removed completely.

BEFORE Living Room

AFTER Living Room – tables along walls removed and sofas pushed back to give more room in center of floor.BEFORE Dining Room



AFTER Dining Room – oversized china cabinet removed, guests can easily walk around table now. Fresh flowers are an added touch for the open house.

AFTER Kitchen – Dated window treatments removed and counters cleared of clutter.BEFORE Master BedroomBEFORE – Master Bedroom


AFTER Master Bedroom – Twelve small frames replaced by one framed print, two oversized chairs removed opening more space.

BEFORE Master Bedroom


The owners were chain smokers and by adding Glad Plug-in in each room and adding fabric softener sheets to the cold air returns the smoke smell was almost unnoticeable.  Fresh flowers the day of the open house presented a totally new home that sold that day for $15,000 over the market estimate.

This is the only time I will reveal a client’s identity…it was me.  I have worked with clients for 12 years as they experienced what life and death brought.  Now I know first hand what clients experience when loved ones pass.  My brother passed 4 years ago and his wife joined him last spring.  I know many thought I was moving too fast.  I did keep some items that were special to them, but also allowed their friends to come by and choose their momentos.  It is just “stuff”, but allow yourself to cry and enjoy the opportunity to revisit memories of a lifetime.

BEFORE – Man’s Room

AFTER – Man’s Room – while the room was perfect for my brother, an avid hunter and fisherman, I knew that this small room needed to grow as it was also the second bedroom. The walls cleared and only desk and computer desk remained.

I did move faster than most because I live in Los Angeles and had limited time in Tennessee to get the work done.  But the home was not on the market for a day, and sold at auction by Sam Furrow and my realtor Tom Pettitt of Realty Executives.

Now I am able to move on, enjoy the momentos kept, and not be cluttered with things that just do not mean anything to me.  If you find yourself in the same situation, go at your own pace, but try to make quick decisions.

Staging can take place by just packing and putting extra items into storage.  But remember this is a great time to really deal with extra clutter for good.

If your home needs staging and you just don’t know how to start….Get It Together LA!

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Getting Ready for Move-in Day


Unpacking Boxes

Unpacking Boxes

Before the furniture and boxes arrive measure the rooms in the new home and prepare floor plans. Thoroughly clean the home before moving in.  There is no better time to shampoo carpets and wax floors than while your house is empty.  This is also the time to line cabinets and shelves.  Now that the windows are washed, floors are clean, and the kitchen scrubbed you are ready for the best part!

Designate a place to put the broken down boxes and used packing paper before unpacking begins.  Cover carpeted floors with protection film before the truck is unloaded.  This will protect the areas just cleaned.  Take time to carry boxes to the designated rooms before unpacking begins.

Unpack as many items as space allows before putting things away.  The goal is to get the boxes out of the way.  As boxes are emptied, break them down and get them to the designated area, most likely the garage or patio.  Also, open ALL the packing paper.  The smallest items might be inside what you think is just “filler”.

Unpack your “hot boxes” first.  Then you are sure to have bedding, towels, and toiletry essentials for your first night.  As with any organizing project, delegate tasks to family members and play music to break the monotony of unpacking.  Before you know it, you have a beautiful new home.