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Organizer’s Dream comes to Farmer’s Market
The Container Store
Opens New Location August 9th

ContainerStoreNewWhile professional organizers never encourage buying for the sake of buying, I would like to share some exciting news. For our friends in the west Los Angeles area, if you need innovative, stylish, fun containers for your home or office organizing needs The Container Store is coming your way in the historic Los Angeles Farmer’s Market, adjacent to The Grove.

During the opening weekend, August 9 and 10th, this retail giant will donate 10% of the all that locations sales to Step UP – inspiring women to inspire girls. Since the company began in Dallas in 1978 they not only created the storage and organization category for retail, but have nurtured an employee-first culture along with high level of customer service. It is listed in FORTUNE magazine’s top 100 companies to work for. Many of my colleagues would call the store the Neiman Marcus of containers.

Now about the Farmer’s Market location…
-20,000 square feet of shopping with more than 10,000 mulit-functional and innovative products.
-Products organized in 16 signature lifestyle departments
-Employee knowledge, each full-time sales person receives more than 263 hours of training (part-time employees receive 177 hours) in their first year.

Join the Los Angeles design and organizing industry in welcoming this newest location.

Organize Your Home Office for the New Year

bala-filesIt’s a new year and time for a fresh start.  Before the 2009 clutter begins piling up get your expense files set up.  This is the perfect time to start an organized system for your paper so filing taxes at the end of the year will be easy.

For the typical home, keep categories broad and only keep the receipts for items to be deducted.  “Credit Cards 09”, “Medical 09”, “Mortgage/Rent 09” , and “Utilities 09” are possibly needed files.  Use MS Word to create labels for files and save the document.  Then next year all that is necessary is reprinting and changing the year.  Also create files for bank reconciliations.

Remove all of the 2008 expenses from your desk, prepare your taxes, then move records to your archive storage.  This may be your basement, garage, or back of closet.  Check with your tax preparer to see how long you need to keep your tax records.  Typically, seven years is all that is required by the IRS.  Now your “prime real estate” is available and clutter free.

Instead of the overstuffed shoe box, use small-13 compartment-check wallets for keeping your receipts forpetty-cashcredit cards or petty cash.  These come with labels for alphabetical or monthly divisions.  Again only keep the receipts that you will deduct from your taxes.

Get out NOW to The Container Store or your favorite office supply store and you will be ready for filing your 2009 taxes this time next year.

Clutter Awareness Week – March 17


Organize with bins

Tips for Reducing Office Clutter

Does your office stimulate productivity?  No question we get more done in an organized environment.  But how do we get from cluttered to organized in our office?  Try these tips to reduce the clutter in your office:

The Desk

  1. If you are not using items on the desk daily, store them some where else.
  2. Create active file system to get papers off the desk.
  3. Utilize two monitors for your computer to make online work more efficient.
  4. Spend five minutes at the end of each day clearing off your desk.

Work Area

  1. Reduce your equipment by replacing old fax and printers with new all in one systems that also scan.
  2. Copy paper and letterhead should be stored close to printers.
  3. Office supplies are easily accessed in labeled bins.
  4. Keep inventory list in supply area to keep items on hand.
  5. Once a month review supply area and purge items not used.
  6. If boxes are recycled, break them down to save space.

Start the Week by Making a Change

A change in attitude is essential for getting organized.  How many times do we say “I don’t have time” or “I can’t do that.” It is possible to be more productive and have more free time if we are willing to change our attitude and behavior.

Instead of saying it’s impossible, examine what is not working and make a change. Are papers covering your desk? Create an active file system that works for you. Do you miss meetings and phone conferences? Examine your calendar and see if there is clutter in your schedule that can be eliminated.

Start this week with a “can do” attitude and see positive changes begin in your environment.