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Senior Downsizing with Experience

It was one year ago my family home was sold and I was emptying it for the estate sale. It was an educational experience for a 12 year organizing professional.  It was time for my family to downsize the home I grew up in and my parents lived for 43 years.  Now I truly understood the anguish clients go through as they let go of items they have loved for years, hold special memories, but no longer use. 
During my process I knew it was just stuff, but all the memories… when my parents bought a grand piano I practiced on for church and college.  The furniture in the recreation room that 35 years ago friends form high school and church came hung out I looked at for the last time.
Moving my own parents into assisted living, this Senior Downsizing Organizer knows the value of family members being safe and having a new full life. The need to have 500 square feet feel like the 5,ooo square feet that your parents lived in for 50 years.
The house has been sold for a year and is getting new life by new owners. After a year, mom has been given a new life and all goes on. Senior downsizing does not take away memories, just the stuff that can get in the way of life!

Helping Parents to Live Safer at Home

Today’s elder population is made up of our parents, grandparents; even brothers, sisters and good friends.  People we love and care about.  It is so easy to see what needs to be done to help mom and dad out.  But do you like to be “told” what to do?  Imagine being told that items stacked in your living room are in the way, dangerous, and need to go.  These are things that have help memories of your children, when you were married, career awards, school pictures or other milestones.

According to statistics from the National Association of Professional Organizers, the AGS Foundation states that “among older adults living independently, about 75% of falls occur at home.  ‘Fall hazards’ in seniors’ homes cause as many as two-thirds of these falls.”  Eliminating hazards completely is the most affective for making seniors more safe while living at home.

How does this happen?  Put yourself in your parents shoes.  What if you knew changes needed to be made around the house but you did not have the strength or the mental ability to make them happen?

Condiment container works well for Diabetes needs

Aging in Place
 is the term used by today’s elder service providers to make assessments in homes and create more functional and convenient conditions for the resident.  This allows our loved ones to be more independent and keep them in their homes and not need a move to assisted living.

Be pro-active.  Ask your parents if they have thoughts of what changes might be best for them.  Place the decision to make a change with them.  And the best tip of all, don’t wait until health issues are severe or they are not themselves.  Begin with small steps to help them clear clutter around the home.
Set up convenient stations for medicines, check to see if extension or phone cords are where a parent might trip. Help to set up lists to help remember when medicines are to be taken and doctor visits occur.

Consider bring in a professional organizer that specializes in the elder population to help.  It is often easier to have a third-party involved than a son or daughter helping mom or dad.  Today’s organizers work with compassion and know when to comfort while working to meet a goal.

When thinking about the legacy we are leaving, a cluttered home is usually not meant to be part of the inheritance left behind.  And most of our parents feel the same way, they are just unsure of how to proceed.