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New LA Container Store Opens TODAY at Farmer’s Market

My friends at The Container Store gave a sneak preview Thursday and now everyone can see and shop! And 10 % of all sales this weekend goes to Step UP.
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Audrey Robertson, vice president, gave an exciting tour to bloggers, then that evening I shared a moment with two of my favoriate colleagues, Standolyn Robertson – past president of NAPO and Jodie Watson of Supreme Organization.

Now open, the newest Container Store is ready for Los Angeles’ organized – and unorganized – shoppers. See you at the Farmer’s Market!

Organizer’s Dream comes to Farmer’s Market
The Container Store
Opens New Location August 9th

ContainerStoreNewWhile professional organizers never encourage buying for the sake of buying, I would like to share some exciting news. For our friends in the west Los Angeles area, if you need innovative, stylish, fun containers for your home or office organizing needs The Container Store is coming your way in the historic Los Angeles Farmer’s Market, adjacent to The Grove.

During the opening weekend, August 9 and 10th, this retail giant will donate 10% of the all that locations sales to Step UP – inspiring women to inspire girls. Since the company began in Dallas in 1978 they not only created the storage and organization category for retail, but have nurtured an employee-first culture along with high level of customer service. It is listed in FORTUNE magazine’s top 100 companies to work for. Many of my colleagues would call the store the Neiman Marcus of containers.

Now about the Farmer’s Market location…
-20,000 square feet of shopping with more than 10,000 mulit-functional and innovative products.
-Products organized in 16 signature lifestyle departments
-Employee knowledge, each full-time sales person receives more than 263 hours of training (part-time employees receive 177 hours) in their first year.

Join the Los Angeles design and organizing industry in welcoming this newest location.

Gift Giving? Simple Solution to Wrapping Presents with Ease

Do you like the idea of a craft room, but only have inches of space to spare? I love this from our friends at The Container Store. Gift Wrapping Station
When not in use it hangs in the closet and holds everything needed for gift wrapping including scissors, gift cards, bags, rolls of paper, and ribbons. Then any table is quickly converted into a work room as the station stands on its own and holds the paper roll at table height making wrapping a snap.
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If you are like me, there is never enough ribbon. Throughout the year like to pick up all types of ribbon I find in retailers and boutiques. My final tip is to keep extra rolls of ribbon is a container that makes it easy to handle and see the supplies.
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Like anything else, if you are organized in a task it will save time and make the work more fun. Now wrap it up!

The Kid’s Playroom

Organized Toys in Shelves

Santa is bringing more toys soon, so now is the time to be sure there will be plenty of room.  So let’s organized the play room. 

When sharing with brothers and sisters set up zones in the room so each child has their own space.  In this play room the son has white shelves from The Container Store for his toys and books.

Sister's Toys Have Their Own Home

His sister has green shelves on the other side of the room for her dolls, toys, and library.  The play table in the center is where they create crafts and enjoying playtime together.


Let your kids get involved in the editing process.  Many times children get excited to know that their toys will be enjoyed by those less fortunate when donating to Goodwill or National Council of Jewish Women in Los Angeles.  If the kids are too young, use gentle judgement when the little ones are way and let go of the toys that are not being used.  This allows more room for the ones that are special and makes it easier for the kids to play with their favoriates.

And a great final tip for the holidays; Christmas morning ask the kids to let go of one toy to give more room for all the presents under the tree.  It is a great way to teach organizing skill to last for years to come!

After Christmas Organizing

The Christmas Tree and all Of its Glory

It may be the first thing you do for Get Organized Month in January; putting away this year’s Christmas.  The last of the ham is now a sandwich, the relatives have headed home,  and the tree looks lonely now that the presents are gone.  As New Year’s Day nears, your family is enjoying the decorations and you realize it’s just a few days before the work of putting all the holiday remnants away until next year.

Before starting the disassembly process, take pictures of your tree, mantle and other decorations.  These pictures, packed way with the decorations, will help you remember how to easily create the same look for next year.  Also review all the decorations not used this year and see if there are old lights, ornaments or other holiday items that are just no longer wanted.

Now that Christmas is over, purchase extra hooks for next years ornaments and pack away with the decorations to have for next year.  This is also a great time to take advantage of sales should new tree lights be needed next year.

As decorations are coming down, sort them into categories before packing away.  It only takes a few minutes to have all the tree decorations together, outdoor lights separated from tree lights, mantle decorations apart from table scaping; just the things that are unique to your home.

Pack away the leftovers in a neat container

Now find the perfect container for their long winter, summer, and fall nap and carefully wrap fragile items in acid-free tissue.  Label containers to make preparing the yuletide for 2011 fun and easy next year.  Now that is finished you can concentrate on your resolutions and goals for 2011.

De-Cluttering Your Networking Group’s Business Card Box


Every weekday morning, entrepreneurs gather in cities around the world to network and grow their businesses by passing referrals to each other.  Most of these networking groups keep members’ business cards collected in a container to be passed on to colleagues who need their products and services.

You have probably seen these card boxes at BNI (Business Network International), Le Tip, or your chamber of commerce.  Most I have seen are haphazardly arranged, making it difficult to find the services needed.  If this reminds you of your group’s business card box, check out this easy solution.

From the Container Store

The Container Store offers an acrylic Baseball Card Case with adjustable dividers and lid.  Simply cut card stock for your category dividers and label with printed file labels or by using a label maker.  Arrange members’ cards by their professions.  It is easier to think of the services needed than an individual name.  After all, that has worked for the Yellow Pages all these years.

Even if you are not in a formal networking group, you can organize the cards you collect and become a better referral source to your clients.  The results of organization in your networking group will benefit everyone’s bottom line just as your organized closet or desk makes your life easier.

Changing Hangers and Dry Cleaners – Making Closets Stylish and Green

Since organizing my first closet, I have always encouraged using uniform hangers. Using the same style of hanger allows your wardrobe to hang at the same height.  Once clothes are sorted by “like with like” it is much easier to find the outfit you need each morning.

But you may be reluctant to make the hanger change because you do not want to have to re-hang the clean clothes upon returning from the cleaners.  Ask if they would use your hangers instead of the wire ones.  More and more I like to use the Huggable Hangers from Joy Mangano.  They are super thin, attractive, and the flocking keeps items from slipping off the hanger.

Many dry cleaners would be happy to save the cost of wire hangers and the ultra thin ones are easy for them to use.  Just offer to take the same amount of hangers into your cleaners with your dirty clothes.  If your dry cleaner is not able to accomodate, then try to return the wire hangers as you re-hang your clothes.  This will allow them to recycle, which is always a good thing to do.

Remember, it is Get Organized Month.  So see where clutter is keeping you from getting organized and tackle it one project at a time.

Book Bags and School Lockers

How organized were you as the new school year was approaching?  When you were getting ready for the new school year did you think about the principles of organization?

Besides learning geography, mathmatices and other subjects to prepare your children for life, don’t forget to give these future doctors, politicians, policemen and and even professional organizers the tools needed for filing and finding their school work.  Start out by making organizing seem fun by asking your kids if they would like to have more time with their favorite activities.  Begin by organizing toys, sports equipments, even electronic games.  As items are reviewed help your kids make decisions what is not used and just in the way.  Explaining all the time that once these obstacles are out of the way, it will take less time to find what is wanted allowing more time for play.

Now you can help them go from papers stuffed into a backpack to notebooks with categories that make sense to your students.    Once one area is mastered, it will be easy to keep other areas organzied.  School lockers, tests, assignments, special projects and even packed lunches have best results when they are organzied.

When you go shopping for “back to school” let the students make lists of needed items before heading to the store.  There are always find great tools at The Container Store.  But remember, if purchases are really not needed – and end up not being used – they will add to your clutter.

Make this year the first year of a productive lifetime where goals are achieved for your students.

A Home Office Closet


Neat and Tidy Reach in Closet

A reach in closet will have more room if all the wall space is utilized.  Home office closets may have several uses.  Extra coats, office supplies, family photographs, and shredder just don’t work in a closet with one rod and shelf.

Once you identify your needs, a good closet designer and make your “prime real estate” work for you.  Cubbies for paper supplies, adjustable shelves get things in sight.  If over-sized times are stored, have a “home” designed for easy access.  For example, extra table leafs for the dining room table are now easy to reach.

Even if your system is melamine, choose a finish you like.  There are many options other than white.  Fun containers, like these form The Container Store,  will finish off your project and make working at home more fun and productive.

This closet was designed by Get It Together LA!