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Garde Robe – A Personal Valet for Your Wardrobe

Garde Rob Luxury Service

If you have more couture than you have closet space, Garde Robe is at your service.  This luxury service started in New York and is now in southern California.    Not only do they provide storage for your garments in climate controlled facilities, a photographic inventory is created which is available online for clients making easy retrieval for what is needed.

Heading to your Sun Valley residence and don’t want to pack?  Let Garde Robe know what you need and the items will arrive to meet you cleaned and ready for a night on the town.

Store your out of season clothes

Check out their portfolio and visit their website at www.GardeRobeOnline.com.   This “white glove” service will give you more space by storing your out of season clothes, footwear and accessories.  While in their possession your garments will be inspected and even repaired if needed.

Frequent travelers, multiple home owners, and those who want their wardrobe to be in the best condition should check this service out.

Organized Travel for Summer

Elfreth's Alley

Elfreth's Alley

It’s summer and vacation time.  On a recent business trip to Philadelphia, I enjoyed a day to myself sight seeing the historic area of the city.  The week before I was working in the picturesque beach community of Newport  Beach in California featuring scenic views reminiscent of the Italian coast.  Now I was back in time at Elfreth’s Alley.  This neighborhood has the distinction of being the oldest residential community in our nation.  The homes have been occupied since the early 18th century.

As someone who appreciates colonial architecture, loves history, and is a professional organizer I can’t help but apprecite how our ancestors lived 250 years ago.  Then beauty was appreciated along with simplicity.  Walk-in closets, let alone most any closets, were not even in these homes.  It’s a good thing Costco was not around in 1776.

A few organizing tips for your next business/pleasure trip:

  1. Plan your time off.
  2. Research the city’s website before the trip.
  3. Keep travels to a limited area.
  4. Walk and take in the city.
  5. During lunch ask the wait staff what is not to be missed in the area.

Don’t forget to use a Travel Checklist to keep from forgetting power chargers, reservation information, and other essential needs.  For a complimentary checklist from Get It Together LA! click here and write Travel Checklist in the subject line.

Now enjoy your next trip.

Travel Tip – Plan Once, Execute Plan Often

Even an organized person, that would be me, sometimes is amazed at the ease a little planning will create.  I travel a few times a year.  Though my home and office can boast of being free of clutter and having everything in its place I can not say the same for the amount of luggage that follows me on trips.


For an unexpected trip this week I decided I would travel light.  A first.  Determined to only take one small case I made a list of exactly what I would pack.  Only three pants, four shirts, socks and underwear to last a week.  My shoes and one blazer would all have to fit in my case.  Also, the computer and Blackberry charger, vitamins and prescriptions all are now on my list…and all actually fit.

Today, old style dock kits have been replaced by convenient toiletry “wardrobes”.  All items for the bath are not only visible, but always convenient by hanging on a bath hook or in the hotel closet.  This is available at www.thecontainerstore.com.  Always keep it stocked and packing for the next trip is a snap.


Keep your packing list in a “Travel File”.  Update this list as needed and make packing easy.  Now the hassle of air travel is a little more enjoyable.  Well this trip packing took only 10 minutes to pack and I don’t miss the extra weight or stuff.  Make the most of your next trip and create and use your list.