Thanksgiving Can Make Christmas Shopping Organzied

While being thankful for family and friends, enjoying yams and stuffing and making the pumpkin pie disappear on Thanksgiving day, get a jump on the next holiday.  Before everyone leaves the table make shopping a little more organized by creating a fun activity for your guests.

Create a 5.5″ x 8.5″ printed sheets with a few questions for everyone to complete while you have the family together.

  • What size shirt do you wear?
  • Who is your favorite designer?
  • What is your favorite musical group?
  • What is your favorite charity?  (should your family make donations instead of gifts)

Be creative.  Include questions you want answered.  You might even make a game of letting everyone try and guess who belongs to each answer.  But you keep the cards and use the information to prepare your shopping list before you head to The Grove or Beverly Hills.  Download a Gift Tracker straight to your phone or Blackberry to keep the information with you while you shop.

Organized shopping is no different from organizing any other part of your life.  With a plan in place you can be more efficient and have more fun.  It will also help to keep you from just giving gifts that quickly turn into clutter for those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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