The Easter Bunny, Clutter and Organizers

Easter Sewing Basket

Easter Sewing Basket

I barely remember waking up on Easter morning and rushing to see the great basket of treats left by that annual unseen rabbit.  It would be filled with yummy chocolate bunnies, Malamar Bars, marshmallow treats, and jelly beans.  Not a thing was wasted.

This week a friend said he had a craving for a Easter basket.  So yesterday while walking home from The Grove I stopped in K-Mart to up pick one.  I know it has been…well lots of years since I have been on the receiving end from the Easter Bunny but of all the hundreds of baskets the store had were definitely different from what I remembered.  Instead of sweet treats and yummy candy every basket had plastic toys that would certainly become clutter and unwanted by later in the day.

For about the same amount of money of the pre-packaged baskets I purchased quality candies, colored grass stuffing, baskets and stuffed rabbits were available to create a custom basket.   For a hostess gift I even filled grass stuffing and chocolates in a sewing basket to take to a dinner party this evening.

The commentary to all this is any event, holiday, or gift is what you make it.  As an organizing expert helping my clients keep clutter at bay it is evident that habits start at an early age.  So even those gifts your children receive can start traits that are not seen for years to come.  Don’t just spend to buy something.  Have a clear goal when you go shopping.  If something doesn’t look like what you are looking for, don’t settle.  Keep looking or make the gift yourself.  And by the way, my friend loved what the Easter Bunny brought him!

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