The Leader Unrealized – Chris McKenry’s Presentation to NAPO-LA

Last Monday, the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers welcomed me as speaker for their annual Leadership Forum.  The presentation drew on my personal experiences of the past president of NAPO-LA, the creator of the Los Angeles Organizing Awards and past board member of the NAPO National board of directors.

I felt it important to show that anyone could and should be a leader.  My organizing business has grown since it’s inception because of my involvement in NAPO, the local chamber of commerce, and community in general.

The second portion of the program highlighted 6 leaders that have inspired or been in my life.  From my Dad and brother (Joe and Jody McKenry) to others from my hometown of Knoxville to national business leaders.  And the fact that my Mother served her fried chicken when Colonel Sanders came to dinner was one of the highlight’s of the evening.

Then the program wrapped up with a look at the book You Don’t Need a TITLE to be a Leader by Mark Sanborn and interactive excercises.

What was said about the night?

“Excellent – entertaining and inspiring.”
“Great topic & very engaging delivery, I feel much smarter.  Very easy for “just a mom” to feel invisible.  Much better to be a leader!”
“Chris brings humor and heartfelt inspiration to get hi pint across”
“Excellent, best program of the year.”

And I would like to add, thank you NAPO-LA for being a fantastic audience.  There is a leader in you, now make a difference today.

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